BEWARE! Hypocrites, Charlatans, Sophists, and Equivocators.....

Presently, we find ourselves at the bizarro intersection of the feckless body politic and deadly Islamo-Facism...... A lethal mambo entwining those politicians tasked with our safety and ancient fanatics that would cleave off our heads...... The battle lines are drawn, the stakes are high, and the mission clear? Hardly. Littering the battlefield are the land mines of moral equivalency, hypocrisy, opportunism, and chicanery...... Join us as we mount a charge to bring moral clarity to the chaotic, Post-9/11, clash of civilizations......

~~~Days Left Until 2008 Election~~~ ...Can Republicans Get It Together?

Loose Lips ~ Quotes of the Day

"..........a single blow must destroy the enemy...without regard of losses...a gigantic all-destroying blow..............." Adolf Hitler, 1939 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . "as the Imam said:Israel Must be wiped off the map........." . Iranian President Ahmadinejad, 2006 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Those who cannot remeber the past are condemned to repeat it" George Santayana, US Philosopher/Poet . (1863-1952) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ".......I am the most powerful woman in America..........." New Speaker-elect Rep. Nancy Pelosi addressing supporters 1/4/ third in line to the US Presidency . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
" home now! home now!...."

Anti-war Activists led by Cindy Sheehan, Shouting Down a Democratic News Conference in Progress, 1/4/07


"'re not going to pay a particular price, as I understand it, with an immediate family...."

Uber Lib California Senator Barbara Boxer slighting Secretary of State Condi Rice's understanding of the Iraq war...because Rice is single and childless.


"...Our efforts are to work in a bi-partisan basis in an open fashion!....."

New Senate Majority Leader and Infamous Democratic Partisan, Harry Reid, 1/5/07


"...We're feminists and we're celebrating!..."

Eleanor Smeal, President of the Feminist Majority, waiting in line to attend a $1,000 a ticket Grateful Dead tribute to Speaker Pelosi


"........We have a strategy drawn up for the destruction of Anglo-Saxon civilization......" Hassan Abbassi, Top Advisor to Iranian Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "...If the Congress chooses to pass bills that are simply political statements, they will have chosen stalemate..." President George W Bush, apparently threatening to use his veto power to combat the new, liberal Congress ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"...If only we could get Muslims to boycott all airlines, we could dispense with airport security altogether..."

Anne Coulter, Syndicated Columnist and Author

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Wait Just a Minute! Who Really is This Guy?

Obama-M-A-N-I-A ~~ Why is The Mega Media Hyping Barak Hussein Obama for President??

Jusy say the name...go ahead!....Let it roll off your tongue: B-A-R-A-K ...H-U-S-S-E-I-N ...O-B-A-M-A...there you go!

That is the name that is making political reporters, talking-head pundits, and liberal Democrats around the country swoon and blush like the chaste school girl on Sadie Hawkins eve. The Mega-Media has lustfully doffed the last of it's Victoria's Secrets thong of objectivity to gleefully and energetically engage in a bacchanal of glowing press and an orgy of puff pieces!

In return, the mysterious tall, dark, and handsome stranger has promised to reward their love and adulation by taking them all for a ride to The White House in 2008

While we hate to douse these lovers with a bucket of cold water and and interrupt their honeymoon consummations, there are some questions that need to be answered and analysis that must be conducted regarding the Chicago 'golden-boy' who would be King:

1) Who is Barak Hussein Obama?
2) What is his background?
3) What is his life story and biography?
4) Are there character issues?
5) What is his education?
6) Is there scandal or controversy present?
7) What is his religious faith and temperment?
8) What are his political leanings and core values?
9) Who are his constituents and contributors?
10) What is his vision for America and for the World?

Stay tuned this week (12-25-06 to 1-1-07) as Big Bazoo investigates the answers to these burning questions and more.... in the 1st installment in our series chronicling the run-up to Election '08:
Quest For The Keys to The Kingdom: The 2008 Race For The White House

Obama-M-A-N-I-A (cont.) ~ All Hat and No Cattle?

We decided to take a long look at the major executive job search engines and websites, focusing soley on the companies looking for a CEO or Chief Executive. Sites like the Wall Street Journal's Career Journal, Yahoo's Hot Jobs, and all proved to be rich grounds for executive headhunting.

We wanted to know, what would a board member of a major US corporation demand as the minimum qualifications for a new Chief Executive Officer? A corporation, say, with annual revenues exceeding $1B...that's B as in billion!! The results of our job search were quite illuminating.......ALL companies of this size, searching for a CEO, demanded no less than 5-10 years CEO or equivalent executive experience with provable, calibrated successes.

Now what if a company looking for a CEO had revenues approaching $2T...that's T as in TRILLION!!....In addition to the normal duties of a statements, shareholder value, regulatory compliance..etc..etc...this CEO position required the additional duties of:

a) Commander and Chief of the United States Military
b) The protection and safety of 300 million Americans
c) Charting the political course for the world's greatest
democracy d) Final arbiter on use of the United State's vast nuclear arsenal
e) Negotiating international treaties
f) "Take care that all laws be faithfully executed.."
g) Appoint Supreme Court Justices and Ambassadors
h) Grant reprieves and pardons
i) Receive ambassadors from other nations
j) Set the tone for America throughout the world

What would the resume' of the candidate seeking this singularly unique Chief Executive position look like??...Surely it would have to be lengthy and impressive!

Let's take a look at our 1st candidate, Barak Hussein Obama, and see if his job application warrants an interview for the position:

1) Harvard Law Degree, President Harvard Law Review
2) Worked at Law Firm, Miner, Barnhill, and Galland
3) Taught Constitution Law at Univ. of Chicago Law School
4) State Legislator in Illinois 1996-2000 of little remark
5) Lost US House race in 2000 61% to 30%
6) Elected US Senator from Chicago 2004-present (2yrs exp.)
7) admitted smoking pot and snorting cocaine in autobiography
8) involved with indicted Chicago felon , Antoin Rezko on sweetheart land deal
9) Charismatic African-American
10) no foreign policy experience
11) no executive experience
12) no military experience
13) no legislative successes
14) no 'real-world' business experience
15) no experience appointing judges to the bench

In a nutshell, the unimpressive resume' above doesn't pass the laugh test or the smell test of any reputable hiring body.....In the dangerous world in which we live, with all it's geopolitical complexities, now is not the time for amateur hour or on-the-job-training.......'wet behind the ears' just doesn't make the cut......It's time for voters to say: N-E-X-T !!




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Thursday, January 4, 2007

1st Islamic US House Member Carries Much Radical Islamist Baggage

Keith Ellison will be sworn in as United States Congressman from Minnesota’s 5th District, a prestigious title indeed. But prior to him getting to this position, he has carried much radical Islamist baggage – the kind of baggage that could make him (or anyone else) unworthy of such a title. Considering his actions with America’s live-in enemies, whilst running for office and even after being elected, we can most probably expect these dangerous associations of Ellison to continue well into his term.

During Ellison’s campaign for U.S. Congress, the issue of his relationship with the Nation of Islam (NOI) was brought up repeatedly. NOI, under the leadership of Louis Farrakhan, for decades, has been the perpetrator of countless verbal and written attacks against the Jewish community.

However apologetic Ellison appeared to be, his words ring false, as he proceeded to cavort with those that not only exhibit the same kind of hatred as the NOI, but that have longstanding ties to terrorist groups as well. And he continues to do so.

Much of the money that was funneled into the coffers of Ellison’s campaign can be traced to the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), an organization that has ties to Hamas. In June of 1994, three leaders of the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP), a group that was the brainchild of Hamas deputy Mousa Abu Marzook (Marzouk), incorporated CAIR. One of the leaders was CAIR’s Executive Director and, himself, a Hamas supporter, Nihad Awad.

**BIG BAZOO's take: America could be heading down the proverbial slippery slope by electing Islamic Represenatatives with connections to terror groups in the Middle say so is not racist or bigotted.....just practical....Keith Ellison has chosen to pledge his allegiance to the Koran....a book that calls for the Apartheid System of Law known as Shari'a Law....we will be watching who donates $$ to this man's causes and will follow the money trail...we predict that trail will lead back to terror!!

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Romney to Submit Paperwork for 2008 Bid

Gov. Mitt Romney this week will submit the necessary paperwork to form a presidential exploratory committee, but not until funeral services for former President Gerald R. Ford have concluded, according to a top aide familiar with his plans.

Romney will file by Wednesday with the Federal Election Commission, the aide said, a registration that will allow the Massachusetts governor to raise and spend money in pursuit of the 2008 GOP nomination.

Romney, like Ford, is from Michigan. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, have already taken the same step.

Romney ended a 10-day vacation at his home in Utah on Monday, and he had intended to file his paperwork on Tuesday, the first business day of the new year. But Ford's death on Dec. 26 triggered a mourning period that will close federal offices and the U.S. Postal Service on Tuesday, and the former president will be buried Wednesday in Grand Rapids, Mich.

Romney aides believe the governor, the son of George Romney, a 1968 presidential candidate and the former governor of Michigan, can find a following as a youthful alternative to McCain and a more conservative candidate than Giuliani.

If successful, Romney would become the first Mormon elected president.

BIG BAZOO's take: Romney is the 1st and only bona fide conservative to enter the race that has a chance to win!!...His discipline and ability to stay on message has been impressive although under the radar.....If he sticks to his conservative guns and has a barnstorming campaign...we say don't count this guy out!.....stay tuned!

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Democrats To Start Without GOP Input


As they prepare to take control of Congress this week and face up to campaign pledges to restore bipartisanship and openness, Democrats are planning to largely sideline Republicans from the first burst of lawmaking.

House Democrats intend to pass a raft of popular measures as part of their well-publicized plan for the first 100 hours. They include tightening ethics rules for lawmakers, raising the minimum wage, allowing more research on stem cells and cutting interest rates on student loans.

But instead of allowing Republicans to fully participate in deliberations, as promised after the Democratic victory in the Nov. 7 midterm elections, Democrats now say they will use House rules to prevent the opposition from offering alternative measures, assuring speedy passage of the bills and allowing their party to trumpet early victories.

Nancy Pelosi, the Californian who will become House speaker, and Steny H. Hoyer of Maryland, who will become majority leader, finalized the strategy over the holiday recess in a flurry of conference calls and meetings with other party leaders. A few Democrats, worried that the party would be criticized for reneging on an important pledge, argued unsuccessfully that they should grant the Republicans greater latitude when the Congress convenes on Thursday.

**BIG BAZOO's take: It didn't take long for the campaign lies of the Democrats to surface in the new happened on the 1st day of the 1st '1oo hours' of LIB control....Pledging to work with Republicans and set a new tone in DC...Pelosi ribaldly will move on legislation like tax increases and more government regulation without even consulting Republicans.....Democrats...lies, lies, lies yeah!

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Edwards: Universal Health Care Trumps Balanced Budget


WASHINGTON — Democratic presidential contender John Edwards says it is more important to invest in universal health care and lifting people out of poverty than to reduce the budget deficit.

The 2004 vice presidential nominee said in an interview broadcast Sunday said "there is a tension" between the two directions, but he has made his choice.

"If I were choosing now between which is more important, I think the investments are more important," he said on ABC's "This Week."

Edwards' proposal, which includes tax cuts and a million housing vouchers for the poor, may place him at odds with Democrats in charge of the congressional spending committees.

The incoming Senate and House Appropriations Committee chairmen, Sen. Robert Byrd of West Virginia and Rep. David Obey of Wisconsin, have announced a plan to fund most domestic agency accounts at 2006 levels.,4855,2,00.html

BIG BAZOO's take: Get ready to usher in the Uber-liberals for the Democratic nomination for President...Failed Dem. Senator John Edwards says America should shoot it's wad on national health care and poverty! The national debt be damned!! Liberal plan on confiscatory tax rates and re-distribution of wealth to fund their socialist cradle-to-grave social programs...this 110th Congress and '08 Prez candidates are dangerous for America!!

Another Democrat Forced to Admits Ethics Lapses


Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) has "accepted responsibility" for possibly violating House rules by requiring his official staff to perform campaign-related work, according to a statement quietly released by the House ethics committee late Friday evening.

The top Republican and Democratic members on the ethics panel, Reps. Doc Hastings (R-Wash.) and Howard Berman (D-Calif.), said in a statement that Conyers acknowledged a "lack of clarity" in communicating what was expected of his official staff and that he accepted responsibility for his actions.

"[Conyers] agreed to take a number of additional, significant steps to ensure that his office complies with all rules and standards regarding campaign and
personal work by congressional staff," they stated. "We have concluded that this matter should be resolved through the issuance of this public statement."

The Hill reported last March that two former Conyers’ aides alleged that he repeatedly violated House ethics rules by requiring aides to work on local and state
campaigns, and babysit and chauffeur his children. Deanna Maher, a former deputy chief of staff in the Detroit office, and Sydney Rooks, a former legal counsel in his district office, shared numerous letters, memos, e-mails, handwritten notes and expense reports with The Hill.

**BIG BAZOO's take: This admitted rules breaker is now CHAIRMAN OF THE HOUSE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE!! ..this is the hypocritical pattern of Democrats....claim to be the champion of ethics.....however, once Democrats with ethics lapses are exposed.....sweep these lapses under the rug....and PROMOTE the ethically challenged persons to positions of power!!
John Conyers has the gall to call for impeachment hearings on President Bush....look in the mirror pal!!
**For more examples scroll down and read our CORRUPTION REPORT way below

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Hillary Clinton Quickly Losing Lustre for Democrats

THE first vote is still more than a year away, but the campaign to replace President George W Bush in the White House is already throwing up surprises.

Unfortunately for Senator Hillary Clinton, long the front-runner in the Democratic drive to retake the presidency, most of them are coming at her expense.

A brace of Christmas opinion polls has left Clinton with a political hangover after a year that had appeared to cement her status as the Democrats’ best-organised, best-financed and best-connected contender for her party’s presidential nomination.

Despite winning re-election to the US Senate by a handsome margin in mid-term voting last month, Clinton has had little to celebrate as polls from the presidential primary battlegrounds signalled early trouble for her historic bid to become America’s first woman president.

In Iowa, the Midwestern state that will once again open the primary season with its caucus votes on January 14, 2008, Clinton slumped to fourth place with only 10% of the vote in a survey of 600 likely Democratic voters.,,2089-2524263,00.html

**BIG BAZOO's take: Santa must have noticed who was naughty...tsk..tsk...Hillary is a dour person and unelectable candidate!!......If her only hope is an 11th hour charm offensive...well... that's an oxymoron of the highest order...Her chickens have come home to roost...we predict a future fore Hillary much like that of Ted 'Chappiquidick' Kennedy....long-term liberal icon...derided by most of the United States as an out-of-touch cretin!!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Islamist Forces in Somali City Vanish


NAIROBI, Kenya, Dec. 27 — The Islamist forces who have controlled much of Somalia in recent months suddenly vanished from the streets of the capital, Mogadishu, residents said Wednesday night, just as thousands of rival troops massed 15 miles away.

In the past few days, Ethiopian-backed forces, with tacit approval from the United States, have unleashed tanks, helicopter gunships and jet fighters on the Islamists, decimating their military and paving the way for the internationally recognized transitional government of Somalia to assert control.

Even so, the Islamists, who have been regarded as a regional menace by Ethiopia and the United States, had repeatedly vowed to fight to the death for their religion and their land, making their disappearance that much more unexpected.

**BIG BAZOO's take: As we have asserted all along....there is no language understood by the fanatical Islamo-Zombies better than brute and iron-fisted force......The sooner the world understands this basic tenet in the War On Terror, the sooner we can wipe out the bad guys!...There is no such thing as an antiseptic war with little collateral damage....trying to fight wars in these way...only leads to the deaths of our valiant, patriot warriors in the US Military....We should treat Sadr City the way the Allies treated Dresden Germany in WW2!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Former Employees File RICO Racketeering Lawsuit Against Swift & Co.


Eighteen former employees who worked at Swift & Co. have filed a $23 million lawsuit alleging that the meat packing company conspired to manipulate and depress the labor market and wages by hiring illegal immigrants.

Earlier this week federal immigration officers raided six Swift production facilities in six states, arresting nearly 1,300 people in what is believed to be the nation's largest-ever workplace raid on illegal workers.

"These plaintiffs are legal residents and victims in a longstanding scheme by Swift to depress and artificially lower the wages of all its workers by knowingly hiring illegal workers," says Angel Reyes, of Dallas' Heygood, Orr, Reyes & Bartolomei, attorney for the plaintiffs. "By lessening its labor costs and increasing its profits, Swift has severely damaged the potential earnings and livelihood of these hard-working men and women. This litigation seeks to redress those wrongs."

Each of the plaintiffs were employed at the Swift facility in Cactus, Texas, located north of Amarillo. A total of 295 people were arrested on immigration violations or other criminal charges in a raid of the Cactus facility on Tuesday, Dec. 12.

According to the lawsuit, Swift executives "actively sought to locate these illegal immigrants and hire them -- knowing full well that it was in violation of the immigration laws of the United States to do so." The lawsuit also accuses the company of transporting, smuggling, harboring and concealing illegal immigrants.

"When the Swift plant opened in Cactus, wages were approximately $20 an hour," says lead litigation counsel Michael Heygood. "Now, the average wage is approximately $12 to $13 an hour. Illegal immigration has fueled this depression in wages."

BIG BAZOO's take: Let's all pray this lawsuit goes ahead successfully....this could fundamentally change the immigration debate nationwide!!.....This suit could result in 'perp walks' of corporate execs that employ illegals and that would send a shiver up the spine of American businesses....that's a good thing!.....cut off the jobs and you cut off the illegals....STAY TUNED!

Iranian Madman Ahmadinejad: Iran Now A Nuclear Power


Iran is now a "nuclear power," its President, Mahmoud Ahamdinejad, delcared Wednesday, according to the Islamic Republic News Agency .

During a speech delivered in the Western Iranian province of Javanroud, Ahmadinejad said: " The Islamic Republic of Iran is now a nuclear power, thanks to the hard work of the Iranian people and authorities."

The announcement of Iran as a "nuclear power" is bound to significantly escalate tensions between the West and Iran, and marks a dramatic stage in the Islamic Republic's nuclear campaign.

In recent days, the US military has begun to build up forces around the Gulf, in what is being seen as as a warning to Iran.,7340,L-3342489,00.html#n

Big Bazoo's take: The time for action is NOW!...If Hitler had a nuke what would we have done.....the answer is a real airstrike on the Iranian nuclear facilities and massive bombings of military infrastructure.....Terror only understands sign language delivered by an iron fist!!....This evil-doer must be dealt with now before a mushroom cloud appears over Tel-Aviv or Al-Queda buys a bomb from Iran and smuggles a dirty bomb into the US via Mexico!! Bye Bye Los Angeles!

Islamic Name Mohammed Overtakes George As Most Popular Boy Name In UK, Wales


Mohammed, and its most common alternative spelling Muhammad, are now more popular babies' names in England and Wales than George, reflecting the diverse ethnic mix of the population.

The Office for National Statistics said there were 2,833 baby boys called Mohammed in 2006.

The name is 22nd in the list of most popular boys' names, moving up a place from last year.

Spelled Muhammad, it is the 44th most popular name and enters the top 50 for the first time along with Noah, Oscar, Lucas and Rhys.

There were 2,833 babies called Mohammed born in 2006 and 1,422 called Muhammad. The total exceeds the number of Georges (3,386) or Josephs (3,755).

**BIG BAZOO's take: If this doesn't set off alarm bells nothing will.....The 5th column of Islam is tearing the social fabric of Europe and this confirms it reach.....Does this bode ill for the West?? You better believe it!.....Unfettered immigration and lack of assimilation by the Islamic community can only lead down the into multi-cultural abyss!! It is time to turn off the immigration spigot and pass laws that demand integration into the host society!!

Listen to Jeff Spicoli's Brain On Drugs


~ Free Range Punditry by Big Bazoo~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DATELINE: LOS ANGELES:

In it's final gasp before completely morphing into Mexico City....Los Angeles officially endorsed illegal immigration, open borders, and law breaking by issuing "A Proclamation on Immigrants" on December 15th.

The wording of the document is appalling in it's attempt to paint anyone who disagrees with ILLEGAL immigration as a racist, xenophobic, and hater......the word ILLEGAL never even appears in the text at all!!

The screed contains just about every multicultural cliche' that exists and even makes up a few new ones.....Read it carefully and one will find blatant anti-American sentiment, reverse racism, and lack of respect for the rule of law! It is time for ACTION!!

The Southern California quality-of-life is under seige from the 5th column of illegals marching north from Mexico, Central, and South America, a few examples: english...over-crowded schools...over-run public parks...loitering day laborers...public urination...teen pregnancy...uninsured motorists...jammed freeways...smog...drug smuggling...drug dealing...gang rapes...cop killing...litter...soaring crime...fouled assilmilation...broken homes...murder-suicide pacts...isolation...junk disrepair...high density housing...ubiquitous clotheslines...crowded buses...crowded subways...drug use...machismo...illegal fruit vendors....illegal ice cream carts...stealing shopping fights...meth labs...marijuana farms on federal land...inundated emergency rooms...bankrupt hospitals...welfare fraud... no drivers licenses...uneducated masses...low riders...rap music...barrios...robberies....sexual harrassment...statutory rape...workers comp fraud....mexican mafia....coyotes....urban blight...homelessness...begging.....public drinking.....cock fighting...full prisons...border lawlessness...wage supression...mass protests...reconquista...atzlan...brown education...

Scroll up to the LA City Council Link and Email these bozos at City Hall! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


SCROLL DOWN BELOW.... and read the findings of our ethics investigation into many of the key Democrats about to take control of the levers of power......This startling expose' will shock even the most partisan left-wing hack! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~